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Top 5 EMS acts of kindness in 2016

EMS providers across the country went above and beyond for their communities — no matter how big or small the deed


One man’s last wish was to see his daughter in her high school color guard performance one last time.

Kellie Hayden Hoffman‎/Facebook photo

By EMS1 Staff

From fixing roofs, mowing lawns and taking patients to baseball games, EMS providers went the extra mile to brighten their patient’s day.

EMS providers often take care of people when they are in their most vulnerable state. This year, EMS crews across the country went above and beyond for their communities — no matter how big or small the deed.

1. Photo: Ambulance crew helps man fulfill dying wish
Ambulance crew members took it upon themselves to ensure that a terminally ill father could watch his daughter perform for her high school color guard one last time. Nikki Pittenger-Bankes thanked the hospice and EMS crew via Facebook for taking her husband, Mike, to watch their daughter perform.

2. Man fixing his roof dies, paramedics return to finish repair
After a man tragically died while fixing his roof, paramedics completed the job for him. After transporting the man to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, paramedics were concerned impending rain would damage the roof. As a result, they returned to the man’s home and finished the roof maintenance.

3. Ala. paramedic, EMT honored for act of kindness
Following a bloody call, a paramedic and EMT decided to clean the home of an elderly couple. The first responders returned the next day, with cleaning supplies and a rented carpet cleaner to erase all traces of violence. Although the two did not want recognition for their kind act, they stated, “it was just the right thing to do.”

4. Photo of EMT mowing patient’s lawn goes viral
After an elderly man passed out while mowing his lawn, an EMT returned to his home to take care of business. The man’s son, Ken Densley, snapped a photo of the EMT finishing the job, which received over 10,000 Facebook likes and 2,000 shares.

5. EMTs give paralyzed Cubs fan lift to Wrigley Field
A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan got by with a little help from his friends — and EMS — to watch the team play ball. Norman Wilson, who was paralyzed from the waist-down in a car crash in 2007, was transported by EMS to Wrigley Field. Crews worked with the Cubs to reserve space for Wilson’s reclining stretcher. “This is a dream come true,” Wilson said.

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