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Frequent Flyers: Speedy patient care reports

- 11/29/2015

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Frequent Flyers: Thanksgiving dinner on duty

- 11/25/2015

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Best EMS-themed cakes and other baked goods

- 11/24/2015

Birthdays, weddings, holidays, celebratory events call for cakes, or cookies, or cupcakes. If you are an emergency responder, what better way to celebrate than with an EMS- or fire-themed dessert? We ...

Randolph Mantooth on becoming a real paramedic

- 11/24/2015

Randolph Mantooth discusses how he considered becoming a firefighter and paramedic, what he calls "one of the most noble professions that anybody could possibly have."

Holiday-themed PSA reminds when it's not appropriate to call 911

- 11/23/2015

Public service announcement reminds patients that for many conditions self-transport to a primary care physician, urgent care or ED is best. And to only use an ambulance for true emergencies.

Frequent Flyers: The vomit effect

- 11/22/2015

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Rapping MD sings about difficult resuscitation decisions

- 11/16/2015

The decision to resuscitate or not to resuscitate patients, in or out of hospital, is agonizing for families and health care providers. ZDoggMD addresses the complexities and agonies in this ...

Frequent Flyers: Singing in the ambulance

- 11/15/2015

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FF/EMT champions fitness as Men's Health Ultimate Guy

- 11/12/2015

By Morgan Eads Lexington Herald-Leader LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Lexington firefighter and EMT briefly traded the cracks and pops of working house fires for the shutters and flashes of cameras ...

Paramedic sings 'Feeling Good' in an ambulance

- 11/11/2015

It's not clear why FF/Paramedic Matthew Robison is signing a cover of Feeling Good by Michael Buble in the ambulance, but he is. Take a listen.

Paramedic panda shows his smooth moves

- 11/09/2015

Pete the Paramedic Panda from Wake County EMS dances during a community outreach event.

Watch: Drunk medics try to save patient in parody movie

- 11/06/2015

Med Drunk is a four-minute movie written, directed and acted by intoxicated people.

Video: 'Drunk' medics try to save patient in parody movie

- 11/06/2015

A new experimental documentary series has turned its sights on EMS to answer a question that probably didn't need to be asked: what would happen if everyone operating an ambulance was completely ...

Top 5 EMS videos of October 2015

- 11/04/2015

Informative, educational or simply entertaining music videos were among our readers' favorite clips for the month of October. Which one was your favorite? 1. How ...

Smoke detector fairy; there is no such thing

- 10/30/2015

Check your smoke detectors, check your clocks.

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