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Paramedic musician streams concert from EMS station

- 02/03/2016

ATLANTA — Paramedic and singer/songwriter Derek Andrew streamed an impromptu concert from his EMS station for the Facebook fans of his country and southern rock style of singing and guitar ...

Paramedic sings about what it means to be an 'ambulance driver'

- 01/29/2016

MESA, Ariz. — A paramedic’s song about what it means to be an "ambulance driver" is going viral on social media. Maddie Marie Shively posted the video of her singing ...

Paramedic sings about what it means to be an 'ambulance driver'

- 01/29/2016

Maddie Marie Shively’s video was shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

Rhyming pediatric CPR instruction video goes viral

- 01/22/2016

St John Ambulance released the video to instruct families on how to perform CPR on their baby in case of emergency.

3 things 'Making a Murderer' can teach EMS about evidence protection

- 01/20/2016

"Making a Murderer" has gone from important story to cultural phenomena. The lessons to be drawn from the 10-part Netflix documentary reach far beyond law enforcement and the criminal ...

50 awesome songs to listen to in the ambulance

- 01/14/2016

We asked EMS1 readers to share their favorite songs to listen to on the way to a call. We were overlwhelmed with responses, and, after listing the top 20 songs, we decided to put together a complete ...

Reality TV series spotlights Shock Trauma medical professionals

- 01/04/2016

BALTIMORE — A new docudrama series called "Shock Trauma: Edge of Life" follows a team of medical professionals from the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland, ...

Frequent Flyers: Happy Holidays

- 12/27/2015

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Dancing paramedic goes shuffling

- 12/23/2015

A paramedic dances to "Love is Blind" by CID at Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2015 Day 2.

Top 5 EMS entertainment videos of 2015

- 12/22/2015

EMS providers and other medical or public safety personnel danced, sang and acted; sometimes to teach us something, other times to entertain us. 1. Taylor Swift ...

NBA star comes off bench to deliver newborn

- 12/17/2015

CLEVELAND, Ohio — NBA player and dad Iman Shumpert helped deliver his daughter in an unexpected home birth on Tuesday. Teyana Taylor, Shumpert's fiancé, posted a photo and ...

EMS guide to 'Star Wars': 8 injuries and how to treat them

- 12/17/2015

By Michael Friese and Greg Friese During our epic father-son lightsaber duels in the basement we frequently reenact the battle and dialogue between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in the bowels ...

Physician films parody Christmas-themed sepsis video

- 12/15/2015

The video aims to entertain and promote early sepsis recognition and management

Physician films Christmas-themed sepsis parody video

- 12/15/2015

LAS VEGAS — Physician, rapper and speaker ZDoggMD produced a new, Christmas-themed educational video on sepsis that aims to entertain and promote early recognition and management. ZDoggMD ...

Frequent Flyers: Just a flesh wound

- 12/13/2015

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