Video shows the jarring consequences of texting while driving

AT&T releases new 'It Can Wait' injury prevention video and launches virtual reality experience tour to increase awareness of the dangers of phone use behind the wheel

DALLAS — A simple glance at a phone while driving can dramatically change a life. With the intent of educating people on the issue, AT&T released a jarring video portraying an everyday situation

A mother and a daughter, a man, a young cyclist, are driving and riding on residential streets. It looks like a typical day until the woman looks at her phone for a second. That moment is enough to cause a terrible accident.

The video ends with the words, “No post, glance, email, search, text is worth a life.”

An independent research by AT&T found that seven out of 10 people engage in smartphone activities while driving. And while texting and emailing are the most prevalent, many admitted also using social media and surfing the Internet.

The telecommunications company, with the collaboration of Samsung, Bose and Google, also launched a new 3-D driving simulation that simulates the potentially deadly consequences of glancing at the phone while driving. AT&T is currently bringing the video experience on tour to more than 100 U.S. cities.

“The simulation and ad campaign are the latest tools helping us drive awareness, change behaviors and ultimately save lives when it comes to smartphone use behind the wheel,” Michelle Kuckelman of AT&T said.

Since its launch in 2010, the "It Can Wait” campaign, according to AT&T, has inspired more than seven million people to pledge not to text and drive.

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