Medics disciplined for chasing drunk driver

The two paramedics said they were acting with the best intentions when they followed the driver

JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. — Two paramedics are facing disciplinary action after following a presumed drunk driver outside their jurisdiction.

The two emergency responders from 50/210 EMS told their supervisor they had the best intentions when they acted, ABC11 reported.

The medics told a dispatcher they saw a driver rolling into the middle of an intersection and stopping there. One of the medics then walked to the driver’s window and said the driver wouldn’t make eye contact.

"As soon as I got there, she sped off and was going over a hundred trying to get away from us," one of the responders told a dispatcher. "And now she’s pulled into this McDonald’s here and she is acting completely incoherent."

The McDonald’s in question was outside their jurisdiction. It is unclear whether or not they were also speeding during the pursuit.

It’s not known yet what kind of disciplinary action has been taken against the medics.

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