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In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a recent article from columnist Jonathan Lee about the use of TXA in the prehospital environment
What the HALT-IT study reveals about the potential dangers of TXA for acute hemorrhage
EMS leaders interpret the results of the 2020 EMS Trend Report in light of COVID-19 and what it means for the future workforce
Challenge EMS providers’ critical thinking and appropriate skill deployment with these 3 penetrating trauma scenarios, ranging from moderate hemorrhage to exsanguination
In the event of an MCI, there may be a number of victims who require immediate treatment to stop life-threatening hemorrhaging
Research on prehospital hemorrhage control, blood pressure management and TXA administration presented to physicians and paramedics
A comprehensive examination of TXA, the support for its prehospital use, and off-label administration of TXA by EMS for trauma patients with major hemorrhage
Cabarrus EMS developed protocols to administer Tranexamic Acid to trauma patients
MONOC is first EMS agency in state to administer TXA to patients with confirmed or suspected severe hemorrhage
Tranexamic acid has been used in trauma centers for years, and the drug is making its way into the prehospital setting