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Focusing on swift triage, being good at the basics and having a plan for exfiltrating the wounded are essential steps to immediate lifesaving measures
How young patients’ unique anatomy and physiology impact trauma assessment and management
Oscar Monterossa served in the U.S. Army for four years as a combat medic, but it was the Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting where the paramedic felt most vulnerable
Parker County Hospital District paramedics faced an amputation and having to perform bilateral finger thoracostomies
The incident is the first time someone at Rockaway Beach has been bitten by a shark in 70 years
As West Manatee Fire Rescue personnel were clearing the crash scene a boat with a shark bite victim arrived at the boat ramp
Crews rushed to move the injured recruits off a live electrical wire downed in the crash and stabilize as many patients as possible
“We need an airway for him,” one recruit shouted, while another was heard repeatedly saying, “We need help, here. Help, here.”
Officers began first aid, and EMS providers took over and transported the man to a hospital in an air ambulance
Before Lafayette firefighters and EMS crews arrived, Nick Bostic saw the flames while driving, stopped and ran inside
Chief Joe Schrage said 30+ firefighters responded, EMS providers transported 24 people, and the department made trauma counselors available
Jessica Sirignano was first on the scene of the crash that killed Joe Stroup, where she was able to help save and treat Martha Stroup before EMS arrived
Cathy Trainor will be using her medical training and Russian language skills with the Global Disaster Relief Team
Along with a new vendor for their bleeding program, the American College of Surgeons also debuted its branded C-A-T, a “true self-applied, one-handed tourniquet”
Bodega Volunteer Fire Department Paramedics Jonathan Bauer and Timothy Saluzzo said the makeshift tourniquet may have saved the surfer’s leg