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Why administration of normal saline off-duty constitutes possession and delivery of a controlled substance
Careful monitoring, witnessed documentation and a record of any actions will protect controlled substances in the ambulance from theft
Cybersecurity, a real and credible threat to EMS agencies, is an additional risk for EMS leaders to understand and manage
Patriot EMS’ former fleet manager and family members used company cards to buy and resell fuel
The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said the woman crashed the NHT ambulance once then bailed out before the second crash
The Baltimore City FD truck was stolen during a medical call
State police are investigating the theft from Yellow Breeches EMS
The Fort Worth engine sustained minor damage and was found about two blocks away
EMS providers were tending to a patient when they noticed the vehicle was missing
Pa. police stopped the stolen rig more than 20 miles away
If he is found guilty, Robert Marshall could be sentenced to up to 7 years in prison
“No damage was done, nothing was stolen, so we’re not really sure what he was doing,” said Traverse City Fire Captain Steven Ball
The defendant is alleged to have stolen Buffalo’s Engine 1 on July 14 while firefighters were responding to an EMS call
Boulder Fire-Rescue firefighters were on a medical call when they saw the engine had been moved and ran toward it
The suspects had reportedly cut through the back of the building and stole defibrillators, chainsaws, radios, generators and Jaws of Life