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Why administration of normal saline off-duty constitutes possession and delivery of a controlled substance
The defendant is alleged to have stolen Buffalo’s Engine 1 on July 14 while firefighters were responding to an EMS call
A paramedic was charged with embezzlement after it was discovered he allegedly stole a vial of a controlled substance from an ambulance that was not in use
Christoper Edwards was charged with kidnapping a man who later escaped and stole an ambulance
Paramedics Jeremy Pecoraro Pecoraro and Jon Cinelli were placed on leave following an investigation into missing prescription narcotics
The suspect driving the ambulance hit a stroller carrying two 7-month-old twins, who were taken to a hospital with minor injuries
Two nurses, a paramedic and a pharmacist were charged with receipt of controlled substance medications by deceit, fraud and misrepresentation
Brian Eckert will be on house arrest after being sentenced to four to 23 months in county prison
Ruth “Roxy” Rookstool, 59, was arrested on theft and fraud crimes for stealing from the Morrisville Ambulance Squad
Ashley Ulibarri, 25, faces a charge of unlawful taking of the motor vehicle
A MEDIC crew and patient were inside the rig when the man jumped into the driver’s seat
Jon Cinelli and Jeremy Pecoraro were arrested on suspicion of criminal possession of a controlled substance and were suspended with pay
Paramedic Dane Arredondo is charged with stealing several different kinds of drugs from the Oglala Sioux Tribe Ambulance Service on the Pine Ridge Reservation
Scott Bahner is accused of using $5,000 of squad money to pay for car repairs and then making records look like the funds were for ambulance repairs
Police said former Morrisville Ambulance Squad members Brian Eckert and Ruth Rookstool stole $130,000 from the agency
Jawwaad Tasawwur Robinson first sparked a fire after crashing a vehicle into a tree, and was receiving medical treatment when he stole a fire department truck
Michael Janusek allegedly misappropriated money from the Chicago Heights Fire Department’s foreign fire tax fund
Colby VanWagoner pleaded guilty to stealing vials of morphine from ambulances and replacing them with watered-down solutions
Michael L. Fostich admitted that he removed vials of morphine and fentanyl from locked safes on ambulances throughout 2016
Police said San Antonio paramedics left the truck running while they tended to a patient, and a suspect jumped inside and took off
Yazoo County dispatcher Terrance Freeman allegedly helped another suspect rob one of his co-workers at gunpoint while she was working
Police are searching for a man who stole a Yazoo County dispatcher’s purse while she was on the job
Detroit EMT Charlene Kinnard was treating an elderly woman with breathing issues when a thief stole her belongings out of the ambulance
The SUV, which contained medical equipment worth $30,000, was stolen from a 7-Eleven while the paramedic was inside the store
Michael Paul was arrested after stealing an ambulance from a hospital because he “needed” a ride home after being discharged
After two ambulances were stolen within six months, the San Antonio Fire Department is weighing two different anti-theft options