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Police: Off-duty EMT shoots teen, immediately renders aid

Lubbock officers found EMT John Karika at the victim’s side and charged him with aggravated assault

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By Leila Merrill

LUBBOCK, Texas — An EMT rendered aid to a teenager immediately after shooting him Saturday, police said.

Police arrested John Karika and charged him with aggravated assault that day, KCBD/Gray News reported.

Investigators found the boy, 16, outside the apartment complex and allege that Karika fired a bullet through his apartment window. The police report states that officers found a bullet hole in his window.

When police arrived, they saw the teen on the ground with blood on his legs and head and Karika at the boy’s side, tending to the facial wound with gauze. The teen was conscious and alert.

The teen was transported to a hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Officers found the gun in Karika’s apartment.

Police said that while they were in the apartment, Karika answered his phone and said, “I f***ed up. I’m in trouble.”

The reported also said that Karika cooperated with police officers.