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Sexual Misconduct

Strategies to report and prevent sexual misconduct, so that all employees feel safe at work
Have we fallen victim to a blind eye?
Define what behaviors are off limits and what to do if an assault against emergency responders does occur
A second lawsuit in San Mateo County has led to additional allegations of sexual assault and a culture of drug and alcohol use
The woman testified that she was too scared to scream during the attack, but Timothy E. Ovadal’s attorney says the incident could not have happened
A Chicago Fire Department audit found more than half of female paramedics were sexually harassed on the job
The 57-page suit alleges the city has failed to deter a long-standing, pervasive culture of sexual harassment throughout the city’s firehouses and facilities
An upgraded charge was filed due to the suspect’s supervisory role over the EMT
The inspector general’s report found more than half of female employees and 87% of Black employees surveyed reported harassment or discrimination
William Russ, 58, was indicted this week on two counts of sexual battery and two counts of false imprisonment
The former medic reportedly had his license suspended in another state due to similar allegations
The lawsuit states the EMT was arrested on similar charges twice prior to the April 2020 incident
The woman reportedly thought John A. Pase, a volunteer EMT, was a home healthcare nurse when he returned to her residence two weeks after a call
Eddie Kemp, a captain with Bay County EMS, was one of 38 people arrested as part of “Operation Watchdog”
A paramedic says she was sexual harassed by a division chief while seeking a job at Allegany County Department of Emergency Services, and that the department head tried to cover it up