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Ohio agency EMS providers’ paychecks delayed 3 times in month

Former ProCare Medical Transportation Service EMT Davian Rogers said there has been a problem with transportation run report software



By Leila Merrill

COLUMBUS, Ohio — ProCare Medical Transportation Service EMS providers said they have experienced paycheck delays three times in the last month, WCMH reported Thursday.

Davian Rogers, an EMT, worked for ProCare until she experienced three paycheck delays in June and July. She told the news outlet that she lives paycheck-to-paycheck and has automatic bill payments synced to her payday.

“I usually worked from 11 to 13 hours per shift, at least three a week,” Rogers said. “I have kids I have to feed, not to mention keeping a roof over their heads and electricity, water, you know.”

Rogers said that a supervisor blamed the employees for not completing transportation run reports. She said she did that, but the software ProCare uses has a problem – not locking.

“Some of them it does it to, and some of them it doesn’t. You don’t even realize that your runs are still open because you submitted them,” Roger said.

NBC4 tried to contact ProCare General Manager Troy Hass about the ProCare issue but has not heard back.

Hass also is the CEO of MedStar in Warren. Workers there complained that their checks were also delayed.