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Entire Iowa EMS agency staff resigns

Four paramedics and four EMTs resigned from CARE Ambulance’s Fairfield location, forcing leaders to call in workers from other branches


By Rachel Engel

FAIRFIELD, Iowa — Eight CARE Ambulance providers resigned this week, forcing leaders to pull workers from other locations in the state, the Southeast Iowa Union reported.

Prior to the resignations, CARE Ambulance was working to fulfill its legal obligation to staff two full-time ALS ambulances. Following the staff’s departure, agency owner Bob Libby said the organization will be able to staff 1.5 ambulances by utilizing crewmembers from other branches in the area.

“We’ve reached out to lots of people, and we’ve been able to staff it like the county wants,” Libby told the Union.

Regarding the resignations, Libby said several people decided to quit after he asked base Manager Judy Heisel to leave her position.

“I suspect they’re just not happy with a decision we made. We asked one person to leave, and she took everybody with her.”

CARE Ambulance is working with a mediator to facilitate an agreement that allows it to keep operating in the area.

“A lot of people think we’ve left, but we’re far from gone,” Libby said. “We’re trying to find a solution to a problem that is global. The county is working well with us, and we’re working the best we can.”