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Off-duty Calif. deputy newly recertified in EMS training saves man’s life after crash

Deputy Cory Patterson, who witnessed a man drive into a fence, broke into the man’s locked car and began administering lifesaving care immediately

By Joanna Putman

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — An off-duty Sacramento County deputy used his department’s emergency medical training to save a man’s life, ABC 10 reported.

Deputy Cory Patterson was on a walk with his wife when he saw a vehicle veer off a road and into a fence, according to the report. Patterson approached the car while other bystanders called 911.

“I had knocked on the window to see if the guy was responsive. He wasn’t responding to anything. He didn’t appear to be breathing,” Patterson told ABC 10.

He and another bystander then broke the passenger-side window and unlocked the car.

“And then I was able to open the driver-side door and pull the man out,” Patterson said. “I checked his pulse. Didn’t have a pulse. Still wasn’t breathing. His face was starting to turn purple. That’s when I started doing CPR.”

Patterson’s wife helped to keep the scene organized, allowing Patterson to focus on resuscitating the driver, according to the report.

“Like, literally did CPR, first aid, AED training two weeks ago, re-certified on it … I mean, I was just doing, you know, what I’m trained to do: just acting in a crisis,” Patterson told ABC10.

The driver lost consciousness due to a seizure, a sheriff’s office spokesperson told ABC10. He is expected to recover.