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Video: Ariz. firefighters spray foam on bees; mom stung over 75 times while protecting kids

The woman was transported from Buckeye Valley to a hospital for treatment

By Daniella Segura
The Charlotte Observer

BUCKEYE VALLEY, Arizona —A mother was stung more than 75 times after putting her two daughters into a car when the family was attacked by bees, Arizona rescuers said.

They were swarmed during a family photo shoot in Buckeye Valley, the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority said in an April 30 Instagram post.

The woman’s mother called 911 after learning bees attacked her daughter’s family, according to a 911 call overlaid on the Instagram video.

“Please hurry. Please hurry. My daughter can’t get into the car. She’s being attacked by bees,” the woman’s mother can be heard telling a dispatcher. “My granddaughters are with her. Please send some help.”

After arriving, fire crews rescued the children from the car while using “foam to calm the bees,” the agency said.

“The mother’s quick-thinking saved the children from being stung,” the agency said.

The woman was taken to a hospital but has since been released and has recovered, the agency said.

If you are attacked by bees, you should “never get into water” or fight the bees, fire officials said.

Instead, the agency said, you should “run in a straight line, cover your face and get to shelter.”

“Getting inside to a safe place is key,” the agency said.

Buckeye Valley is about 40 miles southwest of Phoenix.

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