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Mich. paramedic saves child locked in car with blood pressure cuff

The 16-month-old was accidentally locked inside along with the keys to the vehicle

KALKASKA, Mich. — A paramedic saved a young child locked inside a vehicle by opening one of the car doors with a blood pressure cuff.

Paramedic Trent Hatinger responded to a call for a 16-month-old locked in a car that the parents were unable to open. He arrived on scene to find the vehicle parked in the driveway.

While most would try to force their way in by breaking open a window, Kalkaska EMS Manager Joe Dupuie told 9&10 News the technique “is not always successful.”

Instead, Hatinger used a blood pressure cuff to open the locked door.

“Basically, you pry the door open just enough to allow you to get the blood pressure cuff in the door,” he said. “As you pump it up, it’ll spread the door away from the vehicle to allow you to get something in there to unlock the door.”

The child was safely removed from the vehicle.