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Find everything from firefighting drones, to decon wipes and tactical training kits
The exhibit hall features thousands of products and services for fire departments and EMS agencies
From innovative stoves to music and lighting for ambience, here’s your ultimate guide to a memorable campfire gathering
Through Project Pink, Life-Assist showcases a path of meaningful engagement in the fight against breast cancer
Better sleep is the best first responder countermeasure to shift work and fatigue
The BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System enables lab-quality testing in convenient locations for patients, such as local pharmacies
As an essential piece of personal protective equipment, you want to make sure gloves fit well, are durable, and are readily available
Tips for navigating prehospital airway management techniques and challenges
STAR Ambulance’s journey to enhancing patient care delivery and the employee experience
The manufacturer announced it would feature rigs built for Bell Ambulance and Amerimed EMS at the conference
Flight 60 is a turbine-driven ventilator developed by Israeli manufacturer Flight Medical
A Pinnacle exhibitor demonstrates how to capture and maintain an adequate seal and how to switch to manual when ventilating a patient
The faster information can get into the hands of decision makers, the increased potential for a successful outcome
What can your agency do to prevent a trip from becoming a self-pay account?
U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
Studies show that mechanical ventilation is superior to bag-valve-mask ventilation, especially in terms of patient safety
The GO2VENT by Vortran is a gas-powered device worth considering for disaster plans
How the latest partnerships between EMS and digital health providers are giving patients faster access to high-quality care through mobile integrated health
Crews added more than 2,000 wireless network antennas and additional improvements in and around State Farm Stadium and the Phoenix metro area
Along with a new vendor for their bleeding program, the American College of Surgeons also debuted its branded C-A-T, a “true self-applied, one-handed tourniquet”
Kelly Grayson shares how the digital amplification option from Eko stands up to rig noise and abuse
The new INQUEAlert program aims to provide an always-available medical alert solution for those with life-threatening conditions
Instead of GPS coordinates, which can be difficult to remember, what3words software assigns a three-word combination to 3-meter by 3-meter squares around the world
Here are three products displayed at Fire-Rescue Med which meet my evaluation criteria for new fire and EMS equipment
In addition to the ABCDs, fire apparatus need to carry Class K extinguishers for residential and commercial response
World of Warships, a free-to-play action MMO, engages teams of 12 in a game of naval strategy
Look for these six features when adding technology to incident management, especially for large-scale incidents
The game gives players the opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in interactive discussions on medication safety and to practice drug calculations
Bystander application of a tourniquet to ‘Stop the Bleed’ may mean the difference between life and death for a patient with severe hemorrhage