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Patient Safety Organization: 10 safety topics to improve EMS

The 10 EMS Forward topics identify risks to patient and provider safety as well as topics of greater concern in 2016

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new report from the Center for Patient Safety highlights the 10 safety topics that will move “EMS Forward” in 2016.

EMS, as a profession, is called to change in light of new laws and a changing health care system.

The 10 areas in the report reflect topics identified as risks to patient and provider safety as well as topics forecasted to be of greater concern in EMS in 2016. The report is not an all-inclusive list of safety concerns but rather a tool to complement current patient safety and quality programs and provide resources.

“CPS is committed to improving safety and quality,” said Alex Christgen, interim executive director. “This report strives to increase awareness, open dialogue and promote actions to improve patient and provider safety in EMS.”

CPS works to improve safety for both patients and providers. CPS was one of the first organizations in the nation to be certified as a Patient Safety Organization, offering the benefit of protected sharing and learning with other EMS providers. CPS was also the first to provide EMS PSO services.

In collaboration with its EMS participants, CPS developed a data system specific for capturing the details of medical errors that occur in EMS care environments. The data from the PSO provides supporting evidence for the topic selections in this report.

The 10 topics in the patient safety report will be combined with education and resources throughout the year to help every EMS provider move EMS forward in 2016 as well as the coming years. Upcoming webinars will be announced with subject matter experts who will address the 10 areas in the report.

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