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Mass. FD warns of data breach that may include EMS patients

The number of people affected is unknown, but Comstar Ambulance Billing said that suspicious activity was detected in March


Photo/Getty Images

By Leila Merrill

WESTFIELD, Mass. — Anyone who has been transported by Westfield Fire Department EMS providers may have been exposed to identity theft following a data breach, MassLive reported Wednesday.

The department uses Comstar Ambulance Billing.

Westfield Fire Chief Patrick Egloff said in a letter to residents that anyone in the area who has been transported may have gotten a legitimate letter from Comstar warning them of the breach possibly including their personal data.

Egloff said he did not know how many people may be affected.

“I know of people who are getting letters who haven’t used an ambulance in a couple years,” he said.

The chief said that anyone who has received a letter or who has been billed by Comstar for EMS services can call Comstar’s dedicated assistance line at 877-587-4280 to ask questions or sign up for credit monitoring, WWLP reported.

Comstar said that suspicious activity was detected on March 26.

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