'Paramedic Chief' Jan. 2015: EMS standards; Reducing the 'suck factor'

In this issue: NASEMSO EMS standards project underway; On Leadership columns looks at employee perception of the agency's 'suck factor'

EMS has long been without a way to measure performance standards on a national level, and we're happy to announce that NASEMSO's two-year project to research and publish such standards is now underway. The ability for EMS agencies to gauge their own performance on everything from patient care to financial operations is critical to evaluating our industry and advocating for EMS now and in the future. 

The American Heart Association also heard responder's feedback that previous BLS health care courses were missing essential and realistic CPR training, and recently released training specifically tailored to prehospital field providers.

In his 'On Leadership' column, John Becknell explores how EMS can get a better handle on organizational perception by looking at the "suck factor," and we look at the importance of praising individual providers — not just the team.

Download a PDF of the January 2015 Paramedic Chief or view it is as a webpage.


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