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Noah Filer comes out of a coma and learns he’s a double amputee — then completes his goal of becoming a paramedic
The driver of a camper van in the Death Valley National Park braked suddenly to avoid running over the tarantula
The Park City Fire District has 5 motorbikes for trail and off-road emergency response
At least 10 vehicles were involved in crashes on the highway in Bridgeport
4 patients in the Aurora crash were flown to hospitals
Medex EMS providers rendered aid on scene after the rider was ejected from the bike
Richard Webb-Stevens responded to the 2017 Westminster attack and has led improvements for people with hearing impairments working in EMS
The crew had been transporting a patient in Waukegan and rendered aid while other EMS providers were en route
Jessica Sirignano was first on the scene of the crash that killed Joe Stroup, where she was able to help save and treat Martha Stroup before EMS arrived
Wade Jones, known for his ability to stay calm under pressure, had served on the adult and pediatric flight team since 1995
Mark Hilley – a Gulfport firefighter and Harrison County battalion chief – survived a motorcycle crash in 2019 and vowed to “never waste another day”
A cop, an EMT and two corrections officers – one of whom is also a firefighter – were on the right road at the right time
Survivors from three separate crashes gathered on National Trauma Survivors Day to thank their rescuers in person