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Our co-hosts discuss a recent article about management harassment to the workforce
Chris and Kelly talk about stories of medics refusing to assist patients in 2015
At the time of the incident, a patient was in the back of the ambulance, the Detroit Fire Department said
The fire department is investigating to see if the crew of Engine 1 violated policy by not responding to a crash two blocks away
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley had a $60K bond refunded due to recent legislation
Two paramedics and two EMTs were allegedly drunk during a retirement party at their Bronx station
Authorities received a tip that two Banner Wyoming Medical Center employees bragged about stealing mementos during the Alcova Marina fire
Area Ambulance paramedic Stefany Glassmeyer completed a hospital errand first before responding to the call
EMS union president Oren Barzilay said the open mic incidents are unprofessional but may also be indicative of workplace stress
Luis Carrillo Jr. faces up to four years in prison after being caught taking an investigator’s wallet while inside an ambulance
Mass. Attorney General Andrea Campbell’s office announced a settlement between MedStar Ambulance, Inc. and MassHealth
Falck paramedic Nicholas Adam Conniry is being held without bail and faces 7 years in prison
A second lawsuit in San Mateo County has led to additional allegations of sexual assault and a culture of drug and alcohol use
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley faces murder charges related to “compressional and positional asphyxia” of a patient