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How to create a mental health-friendly environment at your service

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We train EMS providers to save the lives of others, but not their own lives.

The stress can stack up quickly, with severe consequences: shortened life spans punctuated by heart disease, depression, post-traumatic stress, relationship problems, lack of sleep and suicidal ideation.

In this installment of The EMS Burnout Repair Kit series, our presenters will tackle:

  • The correlation between mental and spiritual health and burnout
  • How mental health support programs can create psychologically healthy workplaces
  • Strategies to improve gratitude and tranquility, including how to reach out to peer support, trusted friends and an EMS chaplain

The EMS Burnout Repair Kit series, presented by EMS1 and Zoll, will equip individuals at all levels in EMS with tools for dealing with the primary sources of burnout, helping them emerge as better, happier providers and more complete people.