The clinical consult conundrum

Ashley Fillmore provides a framework for consulting with superiors or specialists

Across EMS (and emergency medicine for that matter), systems are often structured to require consultation with superiors or specialists.  Countless hours are spent studying and learning when these discussions are warranted, but little, if any, time is spent on how to make a consult.  Ashley Fillmore, a district chief here at MCHD, has worked diligently on streamlining our consult process and she joins the MCHD Paramedic Podcast to help create a consult framework. 

Fillmore covers consultations regarding DSI (specifically paralytic/rocuronium use), difficult refusals and high-risk refusals, and offers clinical consultation best practices, including:

  • Don’t rush – wrap neatly with a bow on top
  • Speak slowly and clearly (it’s always hectic/loud on scene)
  • Hit the high points and allow for questions
  • Don’t ramble (nobody cares about their statin dose)
  • Don’t get defensive


Learn more:

Learn more:

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