Why ‘no comment’ is the wrong comment

Alexia Jobson and Mark Tenia discuss communicating effectively with the media

This episode of EMS One-Stop With Rob Lawrence is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy, training, wellness support and grants assistance for first responders and government leaders. To learn more, visit lexipol.com.

In this episode of the Inside EMS podcast, Host Rob Lawrence is joined by Alexia Jobson of REMSA Health and Mark Tenia of the Richmond Ambulance Authority.

Rob, Mark and Alexia are taking communications on the road this conference season in a number of pre-conference sessions.

The team discusses:

Rob, Alexia and Mark also discuss the downside of offering “no comment” to a reporter, as well as tips for dealing with live and pre-recorded interviews. Finally, Rob discusses the free training available at the Emergency Management Institute at Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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