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SWAT team doc responded directly to San Bernardino shooting

SWAT Dr. Michael Neeki arrived on the scene before the rest of the SWAT team and said the scene he found was similar to a war zone

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Before the local SWAT team arrived on the scene of the San Bernardino shooting massacre, Dr. Michael Neeki was already there, arriving just minutes after the shooting began.

“The call came in on the radio: There’s an active shooter scenario in San Bernardino,” said Neeki, an emergency room doctor at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center’s trauma center in Rialto, California. “I just hop in the car with my tactical equipment and go to the scene. Often I don’t have time to notify anybody, I just go.”

Pulling up in front of the Inland Regional Center, Neeki immediately began suiting up in his military boots, helmet and Kevlar vest, and checked his assault rifle, eerily similar to the one being used by the shooters. Without waiting for the rest of his SWAT team, he grabbed his medical pack and headed into the unknown.

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