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Leadership style: Progressive discipline vs. coaching culture

Do you agree with cohost Chris Cebollero that progressive discipline is “antiquated” and should be phased out?

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“Sometimes we made decisions and wound up getting corrective action where maybe a culture of coaching would have taught me to grow.”

Kelly Grayson puts the spotlight on fellow cohost Chris Cebollero this week as the pair discuss whether progressive discipline still has a place in EMS or if a move to a culture of coaching, as written about extensively by Chris, would have a more positive impact on retention rates, turnover, burnout and overall career satisfaction.

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  • “Experience comes from mistakes and mistakes come from lack of experience.” — Chris Cebollero
  • “I’ve gotten enough progressive discipline, enough paper that I can wallpaper a small closet.” — Chris Cebollero
  • “This isn’t about me wanting to fire you. This is about me wanting to make you the very best that you can be.” — Chris Cebollero
This series ID’s the top disciplinary issues facing leaders and what they can do to mitigate bad behavior while preserving trust among members.

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