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Colorado Solictor General Shannon Stevenson said the Aurora paramedics administered too much ketamine for McClain’s body weight
Jury selection begins Monday for Aurora Fire Department paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Lt. Peter Cichuniec
Janet Gamblin struggled with COPD and was reportedly denied transport to the hospital during the Christmas blizzard
Marlene Jordan suffered a fractured femur when a Sacramento paramedic dropped her while moving her to a cot
Aurora paramedics Cooper and Cichuniec are scheduled to be tried in November
Medics waited 13 minutes for law enforcement due to an address “blacklist” while William Yurek was having a heart attack
Broward County firefighter-paramedic Mikael Chaguaceda and the pilot were able to climb out of the burning chopper and onto the roof of the apartment building
An attorney for one of the Aurora officers said, “Mr. McClain died because Paramedic Cooper injected him with 1.7, 1.8 times the ketamine for someone his weight and size.”
Family members say the Medway EMT forced the patient in respiratory distress to walk an “unreasonable distance” to the ambulance before the fall
Elite Ambulance employees say cost of fines were taken from their wages over tickets during emergency responses
Court sides with jury that the city violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, owing millions to over 2,000 EMTs
Carla Murphy’s attorney said her safety concerns with the CAD system led to a dispute with Deputy Commissioner Augier and Commissioner Kavanagh