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Wolfberg and Wirth on how to avoid legal pitfalls
Recent incidents in Colorado have brought prehospital ketamine administration policies, politics and police interactions under debate
EMS providers know positional asphyxiation can kill, and have a professional and moral obligation to object to it
Cellphone carriers are now required to send first responders based on the location of the caller, rather than the nearest cell tower
Under the “Direct Pay Bill,” health insurance plans will be required to reimburse ambulance providers for transporting out-of-network patients
Firefighters said they have been threatened with pipes and broken mops, hit with rocks and physically obstructed from administering care or responding to a fire
The change is in response to the staffing crisis due to the pandemic and will “ensure a faster response when people need help” one sponsor of the bill said
Two suits say the system set to go into place would give insurers too much power to control reimbursement amounts
The bill stipulates that dogs can be transported by ambulance as long as no person requires medical attention
The proposed legislation would impose penalties on paramedics or law enforcement who use ketamine “as a means to incapacitate” a criminal suspect
The EMS law firm’s Inclusion Initiative will provide up to 25 hours of pro bono services to assist EMS entrepreneurs in Black, minority and historically disadvantaged communities
William Michael Fields Jr., a former constable and firefighter, was convicted in federal court and ordered to serve 35 years in prison
The indictment of Brett Hankison, a fired Louisville police officer, is not directly related to the death of Taylor, an ER technician and former Louisville EMT, but pertains to nearby apartments that were struck by bullets
The bill is based on a practice in Philadelphia known as “scoop and run”
“Alyssa’s Law,” named after a Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim, seeks to establish real-time coordination between schools and first responders
The Riley Boatwright Act is named after a middle school football player who died from injuries during a game last year
The proposal would shield EMS providers, healthcare workers and hospitals from civil lawsuits as they make difficult decisions during the pandemic
The two representatives plan to offer the bill as an alternative to the workers’ compensation bill already passed by the state House
Officials said ambulances equipped with AEDs are currently only required at some games in the state
Paramedic Michael Blakemore said he hopes the video will encourage people to pay more attention on the road
State law currently permits emergency medical services to be used for humans only
A proposed bill would provide workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress to firefighters and law enforcement, but currently excludes EMS personnel
Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 542 to create a rebuttable presumption that a worker’s mental health struggles are an occupational injury
EMS providers are asked to answer an anonymous survey to explore the need for nicotine cessation programs for providers
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the legislation, which is meant to ensure future generations understand the 9/11 terrorist attacks and their place in history
The order functions as statewide prescription enabling all Washington residents and organizations to go to any pharmacy to get naloxone
The law takes effect immediately under conditions in which the animal is in danger of death or severe injury due to exposure
Senate Bill 418, would allow departments to obtain prescriptions for, purchase and distribute EpiPens to firefighters, police with training on how to administer the drug
A bid to save PTSD coverage for first responders fell one vote short in the conference committee