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Video: Ghanaian EMT killed by robbers laid to rest in ambulance-shaped coffin

Ghana National Ambulance Service Senior EMT Abraham Tetteh was killed while transporting a pregnant woman to the hospital

ghana ambulance service senior emt abraham tetteh killed coffin

Photo/Hon. Seth Kwame Acheampong, Ghana Parliament

By Laura French

GHANA — A Ghanaian EMT who was killed in the line of duty by armed robbers in February was laid to rest Saturday in a coffin shaped like an ambulance.

Ghana National Ambulance Service Senior EMT Abraham Tetteh was shot in the eye during the robbery on Feb. 4 while transporting a woman in labor to the hospital, Ghanaian news site Joy Online reported. Tetteh died two days after the attack.

GhanaWeb reported that another paramedic in the ambulance continued to care for the pregnant patient and helped deliver the baby despite being sexually assaulted and traumatized during the robbery. National Ambulance Service Chief Executive Prof. Ahmed Zakaria said National Ambulance Service members would receive security protection after the attack.

National Ambulance Service officials said eight armed suspects were involved in the robbery. Two suspects were arrested in the days following the attack, according to GhanaWeb.

A funeral service was held Saturday where Tetteh was escorted in a procession and laid to rest in a coffin shaped like the ambulance he was driving the day of the attack.

According to Hon. Seth Kwame Acheampong, a member of the Ghana Parliament, Tetteh is survived by a wife and child.

“Forever will you remain in our hearts. Your love for country and humanity won’t be forgotten, your [death] was one we never imagined. Rest in perfect Peace,” the National Ambulance Service posted on Facebook.[0]=AZWlsejp0MuZIxdiZllNds5g2ntcA-U5Fpy_EIy6Dguo_WZnFC56XRnsWlOLhSO5ZDKYmPFi0Gzmgj0W_kO0NDoG2y3Abrr1JAIhtBa4W0oAvqsrU5ym9tHYAJfWQra7NyNBoyemlUaejiFTTq5Jpthc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZUXTW74xhvpEukVeu3fwCbRf0_ohWt1nDsc5nrAy0ONOS0dlSuIRwI3SdqG-x_pqnRGU0ccEZoevBxOs8-IaHDUKIGyidhLHUVh6IA_NL-sU3XcO4FVOwz6Tit4Vot4UGO7CLMAg3Zkey3nxMx8APuSdxbdMUfbZJF8tWGoWuh9_g&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZXmGXuqTJh0gVNAtJgK_S2IvZewgtLRLKXeggqn3H5R-9MVMMRymBa5BKrESuXqXawWnN7I0S3srh3MRZ08ioiE96u-TByHCRnVM-uj5XzNCMAK9ucy1Xzr7aoi-U1Xi1GCWFDN1A-v8YpdyB0Fe-S7&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R