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Ill. EMTs charged with murder in patient’s death

Two Ill. EMTs were charged with first degree murder and booked into Sangamon County jail on $1 million bond each after a patient in their care died.

An autopsy report ruled the cause of death as “compressional and positional asphyxia” due to, or as a consequence of “prone facedown restraint on a ... cot/stretcher by tightened straps across the back.”

In this trending topic, read the details of the case as they were first reported, as well as analyses by industry experts on the important lessons to be learned for EMS professionals nationwide. Check out the articles below and follow EMS1 for ongoing updates to the case.

“Whatever you don’t bring is what you’re going to need,” one commenter wrote
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Teaching points from the ‘malpractice or murder’ case: Action steps for EMS practitioners
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley had a $60K bond refunded due to recent legislation
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley faces murder charges related to “compressional and positional asphyxia” of a patient
Peggy Finley’s attorney plans to continue seeking a bond reduction, but Peter Cadigan’s lawyer does not
Sen. Doris Turner said that Earl Moore Jr.'s death inspired the legislation
“There was information withheld by those already on the scene which caused our members to handle things differently than they should have,” Thomas Malone said
Peggy Finley also is accused of trying to improperly influence a police officer
The restraint policy states that a patient is never to be transported in a prone position and calls for regular circulation checks
“We must never, ever forego the safety of our patients because we are angry, tired, hungry, cold or irritated,” one commenter wrote
If convicted, Peggy Finley and Peter Cadigan could each face 20 to 60 years in prison
If you don’t know that prone positioning can cause great bodily harm or death in some patients, you don’t belong in EMS
Teaching points from the ‘malpractice or murder’ case – Part 1: Action steps for EMS leaders
Peter J. Cadigan, 50, and Peggy Finley, 45, are currently being held in the Sangamon County Jail on $1 million bonds each