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Ohio fire stations stock sensory kits to assist patients with autism

Bags containing items such as noise reducing earmuffs, stress balls and fidget toys were added to three Ohio fire stations to help patients with autism stay calm

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By FireRescue1 News Staff

CLEARCREEK, Ohio — An Ohio fire department has equipped three fire stations with packages of items to help ease patients with autism.

Bags stocked with sensory items – including stress balls, fidget toys, a dry-erase board with markers and noise-reducing earmuffs – were added on the suggestion of Firefighter-Paramedic Eric Henry.

Henry researched ways to assist individuals with autism, who can become overwhelmed during emergency situations and while interacting with first responders.

The sensory items included in the kit can help patients reduce their stress levels by blocking out noise and keeping their hands busy, according to FOX19. They can also aid patients in communicating with responders.

The cost to supply all three stations with bags was less than $300, Henry said.