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Ind. firefighter dies after suffering heart attack on call

A Sparta Township Fire Department crew was with a patient experiencing cardiac arrest when a second ambulance was called for the firefighter

Duty Death: Terry Lee Cassidy - [Cromwell]

End of Service: 26/05/2022

By Leila Merrill

CROMWELL, Ind. — Firefighter Terry Lee Cassidy, 64, of the Sparta Township Fire Department in Cromwell died Thursday after experiencing a heart attack Monday while responding to a call.

While responding to a patient experiencing cardiac arrest, Cassidy began having his own symptoms, according to

Someone called for a second ambulance, and Cassidy was transported to a hospital, where he was a patient until his passing.

Cassidy had joined the department as a volunteer 8 months before and served from the early-1970s until the mid-1980s .

He is survived by his three sons.

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