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EMS Week 2017

EMS Week, an annual recognition of EMS providers, is celebrated May 21-27, 2017. The EMS Week topic brings together articles, training, news and tips.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the emerging threats facing today’s responders, how a rescue task force response model works and what equipment and armor technology is available
The public sees what they want to see and I’ve come to accept that they see EMTs and paramedics as people driving ambulances
There are great stories waiting for you on every shift; all you need do is start the relationship
When EMS crews get dispatched to a call, there is a certain routine to the chaos
EMTs, ambulance crews trained to respond quickly to medical emergencies, trauma situations and accidents, are a critical but often overshadowed component of public safety
EMS Week celebrations across New Orleans honor the commitment and dedication of EMTs and paramedics
In 2016, EMSStat responded to more than 22,000 calls and more than 17,000 transports
“May Madness” encourages responders to “own the code” and improve survival rates for cardiac arrest victims
EMTs and paramedics are recognized on social media during EMS Week 2017
Thank your local EMS providers for their sustained commitment to excellence and dedication to service
EMS Week is an annual week-long series of events designed to promote public safety among all New Yorkers
Around-the-clock response capability is why EMS organizations exist, but individual EMS providers need to regularly go out of service to rest and recharge
The organization wants the public to be prepared for an emergency by participating in the World CPR Challenge and Safe Citizen Day
The poster features paramedics and firefighters providing care to a worker who was seriously injured at a construction site
EMS professionals from around the world are encouraged to join the social media conversations on what it means to be #EMSSTRONG
For some, EMS has exposed them to the best and worst elements of humanity
This symbol shows that we belong to something important and we are part of the power, strength and knowledge of every EMT
We can recognize our responders and celebrate their victories every day using the tools of social media