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EMS Week 2016

EMS Week, an annual recognition of EMS providers, is celebrated May 15-21, 2016. The EMS Week topic brings together articles, training, news and tips.

It is important to understand how PTSD affects emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, and other members of the first responder community
Show up, join, send a message, and build relationships to participate in the future of EMS
Call on your elected officials to support legislation pending in the U.S. Congress to set aside federal land for a National EMS Memorial
The fifth grade student submitted the winning essay for a National Paramedic Services Week contest
32 EMS professionals will be honored at the ceremony
EMS, fire and police members discuss the importance of having a tight-knit community mentality
EMTs were able to revive the man after he went into cardiac arrest minutes after calling 911
Here are some moving stories of EMS responders doing what they do best
After being in a coma after a motorcycle crash, Filer is the first double amputee to become a paramedic
With eight members of the family working in EMS, they shared what life is like working in the same career
EMS1 readers shared photos of their adopted pets they met while on duty
The awards were presented to the individuals “for their courage, time and dedication”
The National EMS Foundation asks all EMS providers to contact their elected representatives to support House Resolution 2274 and Senate Bill 2628