Firefighter investigated for racially charged Facebook post

In response to a comment about a video showing firefighters being stabbed on a medical call, he posted: "Sadly, I will delay treatment for more of them as well."

DALLAS — Dallas Fire-Rescue officials are investigating one of the agency’s long-time firefighters for making a racially charged comment on Facebook.

WFAA reported that the controversy started with a post on a personal page operated by a firefighter. He was sharing a link to a video about two San Diego firefighters who were stabbed by a black man on a medical call.

One retired Dallas firefighter posted: “Sad but true. But remember black lives matter.”

Dallas firefighter Chad Tyson posted back this response: “Sadly, I will delay treatment for more of them as well.”

Department spokesman Lt. Joel Lavendar said they became aware of Tyson’s social media comments after an inquiry from WFAA.

"I understand the initial post," Lt. Lavender said. "The response is what causes us some concern. We're looking into it, with an idea toward discipline."

Tyson works as a driver engineer and has been employed with Dallas Fire-Rescue since 2002.

"We can't have one bad post affect what we do for a million people every day," Lavender said.

Tyson deleted the comment from his colleague's social media page after WFAA spoke with him about his intentions behind the statement.

Dallas Fire-Rescue said disciplinary action against Tyson will be determined based on the findings of their investigation.

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