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MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems Connersville, IN installation reduces the risk of breathing contaminants

Connersville Fire Department (Connersville, IN) had an old, no longer effective Exhaust-O-Matic system that needed to be replaced. In addition, the firehouses have low ceilings and tight aisles between apparatus. These situations are ideally suited to MagneGrip Sliding Flexhose Track (SFT) System that features less hanging hose.

MagneGrip Sliding Flexhose Track (SFT) SystemUsing a grant from Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG), three stations were outfitted with the Sliding Flexhose Track (SFT) System, the compact-system designed for firehouses with back-in bays, low ceilings and narrow spaces. The patented 100% sealed system includes an ambient air intake for cooler operation.

“The SFT System is great because the hose gets out of the way,” Battalion Chief Tim McFarland said. “The hoses in other systems would knock things over and interfere with our runs.”

Before the MagneGrip installation, the air quality was poor; fumes hung in the air and soot covered the walls of the firehouses. “The health of our firefighters is critical to us,“ McFarland continued. “With living quarters upstairs and firefighters working 24 on, 48 off we needed a system to reduce the risk of breathing contaminants. The air quality is a 100% improvement from before. We can feel the difference.”

About the installation process, McFarland added, “The MagneGrip team is top-notch. They are very knowledgeable and there was no question they couldn’t answer. The workers cared about what they were doing and worked together well during installation. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems remove diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses to reduce firefighter risk for cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The patented magnetic nozzle provides an airtight seal and is 100% effective in removing exhaust emissions. Systems have wireless auto-start activation. MagneGrip’s 1,000° F rated hose is now standard equipment.

MagneGrip Group also manufactures AirHAWK Air Purification Systems with ceiling-mounted air filtration units positioned to remove hazardous airborne contaminants.

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About MagneGrip Group
Founded in 1993, MagneGrip Group is the #1-rated solution to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. MagneGrip systems are professionally installed by a nationwide team of service technicians to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

As an American manufacturer, MagneGrip Group is the only company that produces both hose-type exhaust removal systems and air purification systems. This combination of systems provides the most complete protection for fire personnel and it best fits the intent of FEMA and NFPA recommendations. MagneGrip’s 1,000° F rated hose is now standard equipment.