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AIRVAC 911® Completes Major Airport Projects

Dover, NH - Two recent new airport fire department exhaust removal system projects have been completed by the Air Vacuum Corporation. The new Atlantic City Airport in NJ and the new Southwest Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers, FL have installed the AIRVAC 911 exhaust removal system.

The AIRVAC 911 system removes both the carcinogenic gasses and diesel particulates as airport personnel respond daily to incidents and high levels of activity. As a complete system, meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements, the AIRVAC 911 system is fully automatic, cutting response times and personnel involvement to a minimum. An additional benefit is the ability of the department to move apparatus types with various tailpipe sizes and configurations within the bays without incurring additional costs or disruptions to the effectiveness of the exhaust removal within the bays.

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About Air Vacuum Corporation
Air Vacuum Corp. is the world leader in engine exhaust removal via the attachment-free and fully automated air filtration system, the AIR VAC 911(r). Air Vac has been the innovator and setting the standards within the exhaust-removal industry for more than a decade. The AIR VAC 911 System does not require any hoses and meets 2007 NFPA 1500, EPA, OSHA, IBOCA and FEMA standards. Free proposals and Fire Act grant assistance available.