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Poll call: What is your preferred shift length?

A majority of EMS1 respondents are split between two shift options – do you agree?


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As EMS continues to struggle with recruitment and retention, current providers face long hours amid mandatory overtime shifts and short-staffed rigs.

In a recent poll, we asked EMS1 readers their preferred length of a single shift, ranging from 8-48 hours. Tied with the most votes at 36% out of more than 700 participants, EMS1 members prefer 12 or 24 hours shifts the most, followed by 48-hour shifts at 17% and 8-hour shifts at 8%. Only 3% of respondents said they preferred a different shift length to those listed.


What EMS1 readers are saying

“24/48’s. Loved it for 30 years!”

“24/48 but I’d take 24/72 if you keep my annual the same.”

“24-hour shift, hands down.”

“Any shift schedule that doesn’t have you working EVERY WEEKEND!”


“To all the nerds and 9-5 office jockeys that want to encourage legislators to mandate 12s or less … Are you gonna find us $50+ bucks per hour to make it? The current rates won’t do it in most places.”

“12-hour straight days if at a very busy urban system, otherwise 24/72.”

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