Provident Insurance selects BHS in partnership with Responders 1st Call to manage their First Responder Assistance Program

BALTIMORE  -  BHS, in partnership with Responders 1 Call is excited and proud to announce that of January 1, 2021 they are administering and managing the First Responder Assistance Program available through Provident Insurance Programs, Inc.  

The First Responder Assistance Program is a 24/7/365 helpline offering confidential in-the-moment support and resources for first responders after a traumatic incident. The program also assists first responders and their families for stress management, depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, family issues, legal and financial concerns, and childcare and eldercare needs.  

The First Responder Assistance Program can be included with blanket Accident & Health insurance coverage underwritten by AXIS Insurance Company and provided through Provident Insurance Programs, Inc. The policy is available to paid, part-time, and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders in the United States and Canada.  

Provident’s President and CEO, Daren D’Ippolito, says, “We recognize that first responders regularly deal with traumatic events in addition to stressors that most people face. These stressors can take a serious toll on physical and emotional well-being. The First Responder Assistance Program provides access to support from resources who specialize in working with first responders.”    

Dawn Motovidlak, President and CEO of BHS, says, "First responders work in an incredibly stressful environment that exposes them to traumatic events nearly every day. Exposure to trauma can lead to behavioral health concerns that impact the effectiveness of these individuals. That's why BHS provides first responders with access to timely and high-quality behavioral health resources to get the support they need to be at their best."  

Dr. Ann  Hawkins,  CEO  and  Chief  Innovation  Officer  of  Responders  1st  Call  stated,  "We  are  proud to partner with  BHS  and  provide  in-the-moment  behavioral  health  care  as  part  of the  First  Responder Assistance Program."  

About BHS:  
BHS optimizes organizational performance by empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential. For over 37 years, BHS has provided holistic well-being support to thousands of corporations, agencies, institutions, associations, and organizations worldwide. BHS offers a wide range of comprehensive well being solutions designed to improve employees' health, productivity, and safety while improving the culture, performance, and profitability of the organizations we serve. For more information, visit  

About Responders 1st  Call™  
Responders 1st Call™ is dedicated to saving the lifesavers, our First Responders, by providing a 24/7/365 confidential in-the-moment Trauma Helpline. Emotional and behavioral health consultations are available for First Responders and their family to address work-life stressors such as anxiety, depression, stress, and family issues. Plus, Responders 1st  Call provides a self-directed virtual eye movement technology to address PTSD and trauma. For more information,  
About Provident Insurance Programs, Inc.  
Provident is an industry leading full-service program administrator and third-party administrator  specializing in customized insurance programs for the emergency services, municipal entities, volunteer & nonprofit groups. Provident has over 90 years’ experience serving the unique insurance needs of emergency services organizations and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Accident & Health insurance policies are underwritten by AXIS Insurance Company. These policies are administered by Provident Agency, Inc. The First Responder Assistance Program is not insurance and is provided through Provident Agency, Inc. by BHS.  For more information, please visit  

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