Ambulance simulator teaches EMS providers to drive in dangerous conditions

EMS West began using EMS Virtual Drive to teach EMS providers how to drive with inclement weather, distracted drivers and pedestrians

By EMS1 Staff

PITTSBURGH — A state-of-the-art simulator is helping EMS providers learn how to navigate ambulances in dangerous situations.

CBS Pittsburgh reported that due to the high number of ambulance crashes in western Pennsylvania, EMS West teamed up with EMS Virtual Drive to teach EMS providers how to prevent more accidents by learning what to do with a simulator.

“They’re in a life or death situation most of the time. It’s their job to get them and their partner to the spot safely, and the last thing we want to do is cause harm to innocent bystanders, and that’s exactly what EMS Virtual Drive is all about,” EMS West deputy director Brian Shaw said.

With the virtual simulator, EMS providers will “drive” through inclement weather, as well as learn how to navigate around pedestrians and distracted drivers.

So far, EMS Virtual Drive has trained more than 1,000 EMS providers in the area.


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