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Wis. EMTs save firefighter who suffered heart attack at fire scene

Newburg Fire Department EMTs saved “one of their own” after a firefighter went into cardiac arrest, officials said


Newburg EMTs saved “one of their own” after a firefighter suffered a heart attack during a fire call, Chief Mark Chesak said in a statement.

Photo/Newburg Fire Department

By Laura French

NEWBURG, Wis. — Wisconsin EMTs saved “one of their own” after a firefighter suffered a near-fatal heart attack while battling a fire, officials said.

The Newburg Fire Department firefighter was battling a vehicle fire last weekend in 90-degree heat when he reported that he wasn’t feeling well and was evaluated by Newburg EMTs, according to a statement from Newburg Fire Chief Mark Chesak.

The EMTs determined the firefighter needed to be transported to the hospital, and while en route, the firefighter went into cardiac arrest. The EMTs started CPR and used a defibrillator, after which the firefighter regained a pulse and was conscious again by the time he arrived at the hospital.

Doctors determined the firefighter had suffered heart attack that would have been fatal if not treated. The firefighter underwent surgery and is now recovering at home.

“The Newburg Fire Department is an all-volunteer organization whose members are dedicated to serving our community and our neighbors in their time of need. In this instance, it was one of our own who was in need,” Chesak wrote. “Due to the quick and decisive action of the entire team, a member of our fire family was saved.”

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