Boy translates dispatcher’s instruction to help save baby sister

The dispatcher gave the boy CPR instructions that he translated to his mother who was trying to save his baby sister

By EMS1 Staff

DANBURY, Conn. — A dispatcher is being credited with helping save a 1-month-old baby after a 9-year-old translated the CPR instructions the dispatcher gave him to his mother.

FOX61 reported that the boy called 911 after his sister started choking, and the dispatcher gave him instructions for CPR, which he translated to his mother.

"I want you to listen carefully. OK. Place your hands on the baby's forehead, your other hand underneath the baby's neck and shoulders,” the dispatcher said. “Slightly tilt the head back. Put your ear next to her mouth, OK.”

The boy gave his mother instructions until a rescue crew arrived, according to the Danbury Fire Department.

"Thanks to the quick thinking of a 9-year-old boy, and the expertise of our dispatcher, a young life was saved,” the department said.


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