Man claims 911 didn't answer call during allergic reaction emergency

Walter Clark couldn't get a hold of his wife, so he decided to call 911; he was shocked when no one answered

By EMS1 Staff

HOUSTON — A man having an allergic reaction claims 911 didn't answer during his time of need.

Click2Houston reported that Walter Clark took ibuprofen and amoxicillin to help with a toothache; after taking the medications, he started to itch.

"Started with my hands and slowly went up through my arms and legs. It was so bad," Clark said. "Truly at that point I felt like I was a couple of minutes away from passing out."

Clark couldn’t get a hold of his wife, so he decided to call 911.

"And I dialed 911 and to my surprise, no one picked up," Clark said. "It's like, 'Oh my God, now what do I do?' I was shocked. Shocked that nobody picked up and shocked that nobody called me back."

Houston's 911 call center said a dispatcher picked up one second before Clark hung up, according to the report. The dispatcher center said they also called him back, but Clark's phone records do not reflect that.

Clark said he took Benadryl and his symptoms went away.

"Could have turned out a lot worse for someone else," Clark said.

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