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Association formed to encourage responders to join FirstNet

FirstNet Association was created to “bridge the gap” between responders and network engineers who are working to increase efficiency

By EMS1 Staff

RESTON, Va. — An association was formed to promote responder participation in FirstNet by “bridging the gap” between responders and network engineers.

StateScoop reported that the FirstNet Association is meant to open communication between engineers who are working to increase efficiency during the five-year buildout period.

The FirstNet Association is led by former International Association of Fire Chiefs president Al Gillespie, and Sonim Technologies national public safety strategy and technology manager Roger Wespe will be executive director.

“Our goal with this organization is to empower a new generation of first responders by providing them with the tools to participate in the advancement of their network,” Wespe said in a statement. “FirstNet will succeed because first responders collectively choose to engage in this endeavor.”

Members of the association will attend educational events, and committees will conduct research studies that focus on network fundamentals.

“The emergence of the FirstNet Association offers great promise for the FirstNet public safety user-community and vendor community,” FirstNet Chair Sue Swenson said. “We stand ready to encourage its success so that FirstNet fully realizes its exclusive public safety mission.”

Membership currently costs $45. Click here for more information.