Celebrate your successes during EMS week

EMS week is a fantastic time to celebrate the successes you have had as an EMS provider


Updated November 18, 2015

EMS work is not easy. If it was, anybody could do it. 

EMS can be messy, tiring, stressful and thankless. Although it doesn't always feel so, you are doing something important for people in need.

Part of the purpose of EMS Week is to celebrate your contributions of providing emergency medical response to your community. Even though I believe you should regularly celebrate your successes and accomplishments, take a few moments this week to accept the praise and credit you have earned.

Consider these tips for celebrating your successes:
1. Attend an EMS recognition event hosted by your organization or local hospital.

2. Think about a call — recently or long ago — where you made a difference and how good that felt. Savor those good feelings.

3. Tell a co-worker, friend or family member why you enjoy working in EMS.

4. Write a blog post, letter to the editor, or magazine/Web site article on the importance of EMS. Include vignettes about calls that have special meaning to you.

Another great way to celebrate EMS Week is to recognize the contributions of other EMS providers. In five minutes or less you could write an appreciative handwritten letter or an e-mail to a favorite EMS instructor, training officer, partner and/or supervisor.

Let them know how and why they have made EMS something special for you — it will make you and the recipient feel good about EMS.

Have a great week!

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