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AMBARA Announces End of Year SPECIAL (Promo Code: Dec14)

Attention A/R Account Managers.

AMBARA is now offering an End of Year SPECIAL. Sign up now for a 12-month membership subscription to our benchmarking service for only $100. (vs $180 regular price). Simply use promotion code Dec14 at checkout.

Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC: AMBARA has been established to assist ambulance, EMS and medical transport companies in fulfilling their mission to cultivate financial stability and accountability through the capture and sharing of Accounts Receivable (A/R) data. AMBARA’s goal is to help establish A/R and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) benchmarks.

What can your agency do to prevent a trip from becoming a self-pay account?
If passed, the bill would allow state counties to charge a “fire protection fee” to help bridge the funding gap of additional paid staff
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