5 immediate action steps for Ambulance Cost Data Collection participants

Follow these five steps to save time, ensure accuracy and submit the data CMS requires to prevent a 10% reduction in EMS reimbursement for an entire year

If your ambulance service has been selected to participate in the first year CMS Ambulance Cost Data Collection program (which begins on January 1, 2020), there are five immediate steps you must take. Over 2,600 ambulance services nationwide have been chosen to submit their cost data through the CMS online survey instrument in the first year of the process. That means there’s a one-in-four chance your agency is one of them. If you weren’t chosen this year, you will be over the course of the three subsequent years. 

If your agency was chosen, and you fail to submit the complete required data sought by CMS, your agency will be subject to a 10% reduction in reimbursement for an entire year following. So be sure you pay attention to this process and meet all CMS deadlines. 

If your agency was chosen, there are five immediate steps your agency needs to take.  

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