Good Samaritans shovel Pa. ambulance out of snow

A paramedic went on foot to the residence while others helped shovel away snow from the rig’s tires

By EMS1 Staff

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — EMS providers were lent several helping hands when their ambulance got stuck in the snow. 

A Susquehanna Regional EMS ambulance was en route to a call when it became stuck on a snow-filled road. 

“I just happened to turn around and I saw the truck and it was sliding around,” resident Charlie Holmes told WNEP

While residents helped shovel away the snow from the ambulance’s tires, a paramedic went on foot to the residence. 

“They were fairly close to the residence so our paramedic took the gear and went into the residence,” Jim Slotterback, with Susquehanna Regional EMS, said. 

The ambulance was eventually freed from the snow and personnel transported the patient to the hospital. 


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