Ambulance 're-mounting' becomes national business

Rather than buy a new unit, operations from across the country ship their old vehicles to East Texas Medical Center, where the box containing the rolling hospital room is installed on a new chassis


TYLER, Texas — It's a homegrown success story. The East Texas Medical Center figured out a way to re-build an ambulance instead of having to buy a new one. Eventually it led to a business that brings money into East Texas from all over the country. 

A few weeks ago an ambulance took a trip to Florida.  With "Sunstar" painted on the side, it was headed home to a fleet of about seventy more just like it. 

Before that, the people at ETMC Fleet Plus spent more than two months taking it apart and putting it back together again. Mechanics there started a process known as "re-mounting" ambulances in 2009.

Read full story: ETMC Fleet Plus turns ambulance rehab program into nationwide business

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