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Milwaukee requires first responders to get out of vehicles to look for patients

City officials adopted a new policy following the death of a patient who fell next to a snowbank

By Bill Carey

MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee has created a new policy for first responders following an incident where a woman was not located by an ambulance crew and later died.

The policy will require first responders to exit their vehicles and search for patients when weather, other environmental conditions or obstructions make it difficult to see people who may have fallen, WTMJ reported.

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Jolene Waldref called 911 on Jan. 15 after she fell at a bus stop and felt light-headed. Surveillance video showed an ambulance passing by Waldref’s location but the crew did not see her and did not stop. A person found Waldref about 20 minutes later and called 911 again, but she did not survive.

The policy also adds provisions for ambulance crews to ensure that the scene is safe before working to find patients who are not quickly located.